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Space and Time - Are we not men?
Space and Time
I read a lot of backposts that I'd been neglecting, and, well... now they've been read :)

Say this out loud: "I opened my mouth, and a wallaby fell out."

So, yeah, I'm listening to some classical music lately. I do not have a good reason. Aiko has a new album but apparently no one who knows how to rip CDs has purchased it yet.

One time in orchestra, we played a song called Intermezzo. Yup, that's all it was, Intermezzo. It wasn't actually a part of any other larger work. Just a random intermezzo. It was a really cool song. I think it's totally lame that composers name their works things like "Symphony" and have movements called "Adagio" and "Allegro" and "Intermezzo". What, they couldn't think of a name for the work? "Hrm... this is a really great piece of music... I think I'll immortalize it by calling it My Symphony. Then, people will know it's mine." Some of them got really creative with their concertos, naming them after the solo insturment. "I shall make a concerto for violin and call it Concerto for Violin! I am not only a great composer, but a creative wordsmith as well!"

If I was a classical composer, I'd have named my works "I opened my mouth" and "A wallaby fell out."

Jammin' with : von Karajan - Schoenburg -Transfigured Night
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Teacher said not to.
Date: September 18th, 2002 - 10:50 am
you'd call them "your mom is" and "in mah britches"
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