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MY EYES, MY EYES! - Are we not men?
Well, after several weeks of doing so much my head spun, I am now in a lull. I won't be in a lull for long, but today it seems like.

Is it possible to burn your retinas without looking directly at the sun? I'm not claiming I haven't been looking directly at the sun, just that I wasn't looking really close.

The point is, my eyes feel all weird.

I'm all : enthralled enthralled
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Are you gonna eat that?
Date: June 2nd, 2003 - 04:20 pm
I used to look directly at the sun all the time when I was a kid, just so I could have a fuzzy dot in my field of vision for a few hours. Then I'd run with scissors and go in swimming less than an hour after eating. Val ate paste once.
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