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I can't believe I forgot to tell this. - Are we not men?
I can't believe I forgot to tell this.
So, yesterday I woke up late, and I knew it was late because I looked at the clock and went "YI!"
So, I jump out of bed (read: got off the couch) and tried to walk quickly to the bathroom, because like many of you I like to start my day with a nice pee, but I didn't realize I was still groggy from sleeping... and I FELL ON MY ASS! Right there in the middle of the living room! I fell onto some stuff that is on the floor (read: trash). It was so funny! I wish you could have seen it.

If anyone is going to be in Irving today, come over for lunch. They have all kinds of stuff in the cafeteria - pizza, sammiches, salads, burgers, and sometimes they have excellent chef specials like tortellini and raviolis and thai noodles. I dunno what they're serving today.

Crap, I forgot to pay the rent this morning.

I'm all : full gonna be a long day
Jammin' with : Venga Boys - We Like To Potty
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Stop asking about milk already.
Date: July 4th, 2004 - 03:27 am
Crap, I forgot to pay the rent this morning.

Crap, I read this and realised I forgot to pay the rent last week! I've found it's easy to forget regular stuff when you're on leave.
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