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Are we not men? — LiveJournal
I nevar post eh
I have cats. Patriotic cats.Collapse )

I'm all : chipper chipper
Most Haunted Live
OK, for those of you who know what I'm talking about and know more about the show than I do, about how much of it you think is faked? I mean, aside from Yvette's screaming.

(I'm still gonna watch most of it, regardless of how much is faked XD)
If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem...
Ask if she'll knit me a mustache
One that will add to my charm.
Then i can take pride,
When i give mustache rides,
In keeping the rider's butt warm!

I'm all : accomplished accomplished
Jammin' with : Matzrilca & Alice - Harusaki Feeling
What have you been googling?
Occasionally, I'll look at the available autocompletes in Google or other search boxes, just to see what I been up to. This is what the Google search box in the Firefox toolbar had to say about me:

Here's what I been googlin...Collapse )
HAHAHAHAHAHA monkey spleen!!

here's some cats.Collapse )

Here's a monkey spleenCollapse )

Here's a batCollapse )

Here's Guillermo CoriaCollapse )

I hope we've all learned something from this.

I'm all : confused vexed
Jammin' with : FLOW - taiyou
My coffee stain looks like Martin Luther King Jr.Collapse )

I'm all : geeky retarded
Hey, man, all my friends in the gulf area, be ok! Or I'll get all mad >(

And now back to your regularly scheduled ... garbage o_O

LJ Interests meme results

  1. astronomy:
    uranus hehehehehe XD
  2. bob schneider:
    I dunno what to say, really, Bob Schneider is my favorite english-singing artist. I do not know why!
  3. coca cola:
    wow, is that on my interest list? I'm actually drinking mountain dew right now ¬¬
  4. dragonball z:
    One time I had to make this really intricate database to do some really intricate things, but nobody was ever going to see the database but me. So, I named all my tables after DBZ characters, and had SQL like this:
    SELECT * FROM gohan LEFT OUTER JOIN vegeta ON (etc etc)

    I can still be found naming variables after DBZ characters.
  5. geology:
    ZOMG I FAIL IT! but I still dig geology. GET IT??? *thwack* ok I deserved that ><
  6. meiji kimera:
    Right. Meiji Kimera is a doujinshi circle. DOujinshi are fancomics that are published and then sold I suppose underground or something, but they're pretty easy to obtain. I dunno how copyright works on that sort of thing in Japan, but Meiji Kimera has a really beautiful art style. I have damn near every Meiji Kimera Yu-gi-oh fanbook, and several from other fandoms. It's fancomics, so they can make the characters do whatever they want. Usually that means they're gonna make out ;)
  7. pokemon:
    If I don't post this until like, Sunday or something? It's because I'm playing pokemon. I imported all current 387 pokemons as .png files into Visio so I now have a pokemon stencil. I may show you the fruits of my labors after I do some labors, but it'll probably also involve Prince of Tennis so I might not show you.
  8. red dwarf:
    Red Dwarf was a British sci-fi comedy from the 80s and 90s. But really, after watching every episode like a bajillion times, I've determined all you really ever needed was Series 1. But without series 8 there would have been no "phwoar!" (remember? I laughed about that for like, two months? and when i first saw it, i laughed so hard I woke up everybody in my house? Yeah.)
  9. tab:
    ZOMG TAB. I've finished my mountain dew and now I'm drinking a Tab. It is the best soda evar.
  10. zorak:
    You know why you haven't seen as much Zorak on tv as you wish you could? It's cuz I ate his hed.

Enter your LJ user name, and 10 interests will be selected from your interest list.

OK, I made a thing in Visio. I luv Visio. It lets me make retarded things. And then "select all" and "copy" and paste into Paint as a jpg so I can share it with you.

Warning, this is a really BIG jpgCollapse )

I told you it was big. And, for the record, Renji's Latios is not named "wub renji" like mine is.

I'm all : working retarded
Jammin' with : fumido - 眠れぬ夜のひとりごと
I suspect foul play. I think the US government seeded Rita and Katrina and tried to send them on a collision course with Cuba because as you know the US government hates Cuba. Also, they hate if you even LIKE Cuba, even if you only like the music. That's why all my Cuban-sounding music actually originates from Japan. But I'm getting off-topic.
So, yeah, they made a hurricane to kill Cuba with but they missed. I'm seroius!! Wait... seroius? The hell is seroius. That's my new favorite word from now on. And I am SO seroius. About the government's evil plan to kill Cuba with rocks wet.

OK I'm not going to show you my result pic from the politics quiz because it's really not very interesting, I came out "Strong Democrat" which is what you'd expect me to come up right? (if you want to take the quiz but dunno where it's at it is here)

Really what amused me most was the extra question at the end. It said something to the effect of "If you could make up one law and have it enforced forever, what would it be?" At the end of the quiz they show you the last 10 made-up laws submitted. Here are the ones I saw, not in order:

"I would dictate that...anyone who believes that religious fundamentalism makes a good foundation for government be beaten with sticks round the clock once a week every month; the other weeks they must spend volunteering on gay rights campaigns and endorsing an amendment to destroy the Electoral College. "
�AYB from Williamsburg, VA

"cigarettes should be illega"
�PJW from Forest Grove, OR

"Any right afforded by the government (e.g. Marriage) to one citizen must be afforded to all citizens."
�KEG from Santa Barbara, CA

"I would not dictate that at all..."
�free from MOON

"I would dictate that...Same sex couples would have all of the same rights as we straight couples "
�YR from AZ

"I would dictate that the government shall provide free quality health care to all citizens."
�BH from Chicago, IL

"I would dictate that all women be forced to take birht control unless they can prove they are able to provide for children and have a stable enviroment in which to raise them."
�MSS from Warwick RI

"I would dictate that smoking is illegal."
�ACF from West Milford, NJ

"I would dictate that Individual federal taxes are abolished forever!"
�MJP from Virginia Beach VA

"I would dictate that... people have to give me a dollar if I ask for it."
�val from Dallas, TX

Did anyone catch my lie? That's right. I don't actually live *in* Dallas! Ha-HA! I wim!!

In other news, I ... don't have any new pictures of these cats but let me tell you, they've begun putting shiny things in one side of their f00d dish. Like, a magnet, and a bracelet, and some mardi-gras beads, and a quarter, and some random shiny things of Holly's. They even moved this large plastic sword that happens to have a shiny ... grip-thing, they put the shiny part near that side of the dish. They're collecting shiny things. Probably to fund the revolution. Have you seen Hep's mustache? Doesn't it remind you of someone? And if you look real close, Pharaoh's mustache looks like Mussolini after drinking milk ��

So, one time I was at a baseball game with this guy I was dating, and we were in the cheap seats (duh), and the jumbotron camera was in our area, and so a guy in front of us was holding up a baby. The baby was doing g00fy baby things waving it's arms around and stuff, and my boyfriend sed "See that baby? That guy has his finger up it's ass."
Then the baby went like, insane, like, all hyper and stuff, and he goes "Now he's wigglin the finger."

I'm all : mischievous mischievous
Jammin' with : Moriyama Aiko - Dame yo furusato-san
Milk? Defeated!
for one week only!
The Dwip Video!

Ok it might be for 2 or 3 weeks... download it here...

You haven't seen the Dwip video? You will need (sadly) RealPlayer to see it, but there are those who say it is worth it. It's not streaming, either. So, you know, sorry about that. But it was made in like 2000 and you know, that's our excuse. Also, we had to have a guy encode it for us, and he liked RM back then. I hope he's gotten over that. The good news is, it's only like 7Mb.

Go get it. You know you want it.
What Cats Play With
So, you know, I have all these little toys, like a ball, or toy mouse, or even a marble or a bread tie, specifically designed (ok almost) for cat entertainment. But guess what these cats are playing with. Go on, guess.

That's right.

A rock.

I'm all : vexed
I'm 35 today.

You know what that means?

That's right.

Can't talk. Addicted to jpop music videos.
Cats ate my last bagel!
Quick update, and I might catch up on LJ later, but considering I have a deadline and I'm procrastinating, might not be for a little while.

But first, get this music before I take it down!

It's called Kimi ni BUMP by Ketsumeishi. It's like, reggae. Japanese reggae. I guess I like it ;)

Kitty update: Ilmari got spayed, and she's still got stitches but she seems to be doing pretty good. She's still not keen on the other kittys, but I don't think they are being jerks, just she goes all growly when they come near and that makes their fur stand up. The Chibi is still in the vaccination phase, so she won't get spayed until she's done. She's getting along quite well with all the other cats, although sometimes her kitten antics really piss Ilmari off. Hep has actually LICKED the kitten, but he does that sometimes as a way to say "You are inferior to me", so I dunno if he LIKES her or is just showing off.

Here's some pictures of cats. I have to do work now ;_;

Can you find the kitty?Collapse )
SNO!! And Kitties
It snowed!!
I took pichas!!Collapse )

And, I have cats!! Beautiful kitties. They're not quite all integrated yet, but they're doing pretty well!
Pharaoh is actually having the most problem, because he wants cats to leave him alone. Ilmari is more than willing to do this, but Shinji wants to play with all cats. So, I was in the bathroom, and cats like to follow me there. Hep was in the bathroom proper, Shinji was sitting outside the threshhold, and then Pharaoh came up. He did not want to be near the kitten, so he hissed and growled. Then, Hep made a warning meow. Then, Pharaoh came into the bathroom, but the whole time he was growling at the kitten. So then, Hep warning-meows at both of them, and then he slaps *Pharaoh*!! I thought he was going to slap the kitten, but he slapped Pharaoh in a way to tell Pharaoh to cut that shit out. Pharaoh got all submissive after that, so it must have been a dominant-cat thing, because I know Pharaoh can defeat the Hep in a battle but he decided he didn't want to battle. I dunno if he was just confused, or if that was some cat-heirarchy thing going on.

I swear Pharaoh is just afraid of girls ;)

Two tuxie boys, two calico girls!Collapse )
Wow. Crack.
Rip Slyme crack. They did it!! They made their own crack!! They're like, a j-rap band, right? And they put out this weird album where they have actors reading the lyrics and an orchestra performing the music. Did you know it was possible to make an orchestral score of rap music? Well, it is.
And for those of you who fear rap, it's nothing at all like US gangsta rap. It's more like, kinda old-sk00l, you know, like De La Soul or Cameo.

Most of them are relatively normal, although the performance of "One" makes it sound like a love letter, which I find adorable. But the crack comes in the song
Zatsunen Entertainment.
That there is a link to the mp3 of the original song. It's really a great song, and the main sampling is from the classic Blood, Sweat & Tears song Spinning Wheel.

This here is a link to the mp3 of the orchestral version. It is PURE CRACK and I love it. I don't know any other way to describe it.

I didn't .rar the files this time, so here's hoping that doesn't cause me grief. Also, it is not neccessary to understand Japanese to understand why the orchestral version is insane and brilliant.

I'm all : amused mmmm crack!
Jammin' with : RIP SLYME - Rakuen Baby
I have a superpower.
I summon cats. Even saw a cat outside the jazz club. I must have accidentally summoned that cat.

My home is full.Collapse )
Weekly World News
This week's issue comes with a FREE 2005 'Freaks, Geeks, and Weirdos' calendar. Instead of having US holidays like Presidents Day, Labor Day, etc, marked, it has significant pseudonews events and odd pseudoholidays. I'm going to share a few (but not all, there's lots) with you.

Jan 4 - Elvis Found Alive (1/4/88)
Jan 8 - Bubble Bath Day
Jan 22 - Bigtoof Captured (1/22/89)
Feb 16 - Amelia Earhart's barf bag found in South Pacific (2/16/02)
Feb 27 - International Polar Bear Day
Mar 16 - Alien baby found on Mars (3/16/03)
Mar 20 - Extraterrestrial Abduction Day
Apr 3 - Dont Go To Work Unless It's Fun Day (note that apr 3 is a sunday)
Apr 21 - Satan's Skull Found (4/21/03)
May 7 - International Tuba day
May 28 - Giant lizard terrorizes Japanese village (5/28/79)
Jun 11 - Hug Holiday
Jun 16 - National Hollerin' Contest Day
July 14 - National Nude Day w00t!
Would you believe, Sept 19, International Talk Like a Pirate Day. (of course, cuz we all did that this year)
Oct 2 - Name Your Car Day
Nov 25 - Gay Aliens Found In UFO Wreck (11/25/2000)

Now, here we go.
25 signs you are going to HELL, according to the WWNCollapse )

Jammin' with : Echizen Ryouma - arigato

Hep is love

Have a music, from me to you. Featuring Okano Akihito of Porno Graffitti, the song is called "Eien no Tomodachi" and it is by Fairlife. You will need some kind of unzippy-type program to get the music out.