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Playin around on Selectsmart.com - Are we not men?
Playin around on Selectsmart.com
Took a "Which Tenchi Character Are You" test, and got Washu. GO FIGURE :)
Got Aisha Clanclan on the Tenchi test
Most of the tests are lame. Oh, got Cell on one of the DBZ tests.

OK, THIS test is hilarious, but broken.

If you're a DBZ fan, and have read some of the 15 yr old girl fanfics, check out this Mary-Sue Litmus Test, it's really funny!

I got Ed on the Ed, Edd, & Eddy test. I also got Ed on the Cartoon Cartoon test. That must mean something. I got Charlie Brown on the Peanuts test. I got Mystique on the X-men test.
I got toasted ham & cheese on the Sandwich/Personality test.
I got Miss Scarlet on the Clue character test.
I got Starscream on the Transformers test.
If I was a college snack, I'd be beer.
Other tests are boring me. And there's no flashy results page like on Pokemon.
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