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Sometimes I wonder what is my true inner self and what is just me… - Are we not men?
Sometimes I wonder what is my true inner self and what is just me staying "in character". I think I've reverted to how I was when I was about 10, but who knows if that's my true inner self? Don't get me wrong, I have no intention of trying to "find myself" or changing my actions, but sometimes I wonder. I wouldn't want to find myself and discover I was horribly lame. I'm gonna find myself tonite while watchin New Year's Eve-il on Cartoon Network. I'll have to decide who my fave evil is. It's probably Cell from DBZ.
That reminds me, I was going to get back into this message board, but there was this whiney message from some kid (who was probably underage for this particular msg board) where he pasted this entire AIM convo based on getting upset cuz his/her friend said "Die, doggy!" about their dog. The friend obviously didn't mean it, it was just trollisms. It was immature to say, but even more immature to get all sad about. What really pissed me off is that people were all sympathetic! Why? Cuz some guy you know said something mean about yer dog?! I suppose if he'd said he fucked your mom you'd take that personal, too! I had a cut-fight once with a guy who took everything personally, and got really upset because I said he was a sheep-fucking hermit breeder. I was like "Yes, in reality, I honestly think you fuck sheep and breed hermits." I guess some people have more permeable skin than others.
The point of all that is I dunno whether I should even pay any attention to that message board. I am so tired of emotional immaturity, and I find it on the 'net more than anywhere else. I think that's why I'm so anti social online anymore. I can't believe I have friends from IRC at all, what with the overwhelming number of immature trolls out there. Then I come across as a troll half the time because I don't take anything seriously and no one gets my humor. Plus people think if you disagree with them that it's a personal attack.

OMG, they voted Majin Buu the #1 villain. I'm totally offended. I'M REALLY PISSED THAT I DIDN'T GET TO VOTE. REALLY pissed. I might cry or throw somthing. Although I'm not entirely sure I could decide between Raditz and Cell. Cell, well, is Cell. He's sexy, he's bad, he's just doing it for the sport. He doesn't even have a hidden agenda. He just wants to kick some ass. AND HE DOES. But then, Raditz, he's sneaky and dishonest and he lies, plus he makes the best trash-talk jokes. And he's so damn SEXY. Plus he was gonna kill his own brother.

I'm pretty sure that at age 31 (almost 32) I'm not supposed to get this turned on by an animated character.

I'm gonna go now.
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I'm a babe magnet.
Date: January 1st, 2002 - 09:34 pm
ed, edd, & eddy. though none of you is double d...and i'd hate to guess which one would be ed. just a thought...

oh, and another thing. i can't watch live-action movies anymore. they just don't interest me. i'm only interested in animated movies and documentaries these days--besides the fact that all the guys i think are sexy happen to be animated (cept Ryan of course :) so if you need help, then i definitely do too :)
I saved you a seat.
Date: January 2nd, 2002 - 06:43 pm
that's all I watch, too. But I think Jeff Corwin and Paul Sereno are sexy.
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