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Egomania - Are we not men?
I want to talk a little bit about my favorite subject, me. RIght now I have several writing projects I'm working on, and none of them are going very well. I'm stalled out on a screenplay because of the lame shit that has to go on to establish the characters' relationships. I think I'll end up making that part hilariously funny so it doesn't bore me, but I still have to manage to fit in some plot points. I've just not been motivated because I don't like the characters yet. I need to do a little more character dev before I get into it again. My fanfic I was writing has stalled out because I've completely forgotten the actual plot. Now I'm working on a great concept for another non-screenplay, but I'm stumped on plot again. I have some elements of it, but I can't get the actual motivation. I know that the motivation of the heros is to stop the villains, but I can't think of a really good reason for what the villains or doing, or even what they are doing that pisses off the heros for that matter. Nothing sounds interesting or surreal enough. Actually, some things sound good, but they don't provide me with good interaction between the characters, because it would put them too far apart physically. But if I can't decide what the means to the end is, then there's no point in having them anywhere at all.
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