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Man I had a cool dream! It was like a combination of Bats, The… - Are we not men?
Man I had a cool dream! It was like a combination of Bats, The Birds, and LotR. We were all in some Hobbit village, or maybe I wasn't in it at all, and it was a 3rd person type dream. But anyway, little hobbit village, and something bad was happening, so all the townsfolk were hiding in a bomb shelter of sorts. The military had already taken out every neighboring city, in order to stop the spread of madness. There was some ancient talisman (probably something from Ring Cycle) hidden in the catacombs under the city, and if this one guy (who was the only guy who could touch it) didn't get to it by 7pm, the military was going to wipe out this city as well! But the only hope for the entire world was this talisman. The madness didn't affect children or old people, and so far Our Hero hadn't been infected yet. But if he was touched by the infected, he too would become infected. And of course, since all of this was a plot by an evil mastermind, the infected people of the town were trying desperately to stop the hero from reaching the talisman that can save us all.
The end!
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