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DUDE I saw a really cool movie, "The One" with Jet Li. Go see it!… - Are we not men?
DUDE I saw a really cool movie, "The One" with Jet Li. Go see it! The special effects leave a bit to be desired, but all in all it's a GREAT action flick.
Here come the spoilers:

They play this Quake-type music, and it made me want a videogame of it. There's all these shootout scenes. The villain was awesome. I really wanted him to win, because he totally deserved it. Jet Li was the villain *and* the hero. Why is there always a catwalk in martial arts movies? Side note: the weird ad for Ritz Bitz Smores is really pervy. Anyway, the catwalk scene was awesome. It was kinda like DBZ but in live-action, as far as the fight scenes. Yulaw is a great villain. Great and sexy. Would he be sexy if he wasn't an ass-kicker? I have no idea. And it's a moot point! They left it open for him to return, cuz he's still a total badass even if he *is* in prison. I thought Funsch should have sent Gabe to the prison, to kill Yulaw. Because the ending was too sappy the way it was. Side note: I have great hair! Damn!! But I'm glad he didn't, because maybe Yulaw will escape and come after Gabe again. Side note: it's chilly outside, but hot as hell in my apartment. That is fuckoff annoying. There's also a strange smell in here, as if I've forgotten to take out the trash. But I took it out! Anyway, this movie was fun as hell. I'd like to see the return of Yulaw, but what are they gonna call it, The One Two? :-D

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