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Pinchi no pinchi - Are we not men?
Pinchi no pinchi
OK, not as bad as all that. I just have a million things to do before I move.

This morning I was watching a show about sea ice. I'm not talking about some exotic sno-cone flavour. I'm talking about arctic sea ice, that sticks to land, and then sometimes breaks off and floats away. Ice is weird. I am of the opinion that ice is the most destructive force on the planet. According to documentaries, *everything* is the most destructive force on the planet. They said once that volcanos were the most destructive force on the planet. That's totally insane, volcanos usually only destroy what we put there. Well, whose fault is that? Ours, for puttin stuff there.
Anyway, back to the ice. Here are some of the things ice has done:
The continental glacier on Greenland has weighted down the land so that now it is below sea level; something similar happened in Scandinavia during the last glacial advance. The ice weighing down on the Scandinavian peninsula pushed it down, and this downward movement affected Holland by moving it isostatically up. That is to say, during the last glacial episode, Holland was raised above sea level. Now, of course, the ice is gone. It left some beautiful fjords in Norway, but now Holland is sinking into the sea. Sucks to be Dutch.
In 1871, a whaling fleet was doing their business in icy waters near Alaska, when all of their vessels became trapped between two ice floes. All of the ships were lost, most of the people escaped by getting out and walking across the floe to where other ships came and got them. On the one hand, yay for whales! On the other hand, DAMN, tha's some ICE!
I don't think I need to remind anyone what famous ocean liner was sunk by an iceberg. Icebergs also come after offshore oil rigs. Of course, this is once again, us putting things where they shouldn't be. Can't really fault the ice for that.
Dang, I gotta work now. But I'll continue my ice discussion later in the day. Ice rules.

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