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More wierd dreams - Are we not men?
More wierd dreams
Keifer Sutherland was trying to kill us. I dunno who "us" is exactly, but I know that the "us" changed several times, except for me. So, we were at some house and Keifer Sutherland is tryig to kill us. A couple of guys prolly got killed, because they stopped in the bedroom of this house to ogle a scantily clad Gwyneth Paltrow who was pretending to be asleep. She wasn't, tho. She was in league with Keifer Sutherland, and doing her lounge act to lure the guys. So some of us escaped in this station wagon. Then we decided to go to the hockey game, but we had to take an alternate route so we wouldn't accidentally drive like this (we were being reckless) in front of parents. So we get to the game, and they were gonna sit in the cheap seats, and I was like "Dudes... we just go up here then we're really close *plus* they bring us food!" and this one guy thought that was such an intense idea he kissed me, then he tried to hold my hand but I was too busy trying to find the right entrance. I found it, and we went in, and it happened to be backstage. And the "halftime" show was the grade school program, and there was my mom helping her class get their costumes on. She pointed us in the right direction, tho, and so we got to go see the game or whatever it had morphed into by then. But at least we escaped.
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