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My Dreams Scare Me - Are we not men?
My Dreams Scare Me
Ok, (yeah, it's 6am, but this one needs saving for posterity.) In the following sequence, I will be using letters insstead of names, because quite frankly I don't know everyone's name.

I decide to go get some sex from a guy I know, so I went over to his house and apparently he lived with 3 other people. These 4 people are A, B, C, and D for the purposes of my little description here. I went to go do A, but when I got there B, C, and D were still there. C was in another room, and B and D (haha) were sorta making sure the place was clean. Oh, goody, turns out I don't just get A, but B as well in my sexquest. So C comes into the room with an enormous yet gorgeous dog, and she and D take off for the night. So then A invites me to the bed, where B is also, and for some reason A and B have these weird little robot dinosaur things on the bed. And the robot dinosaur things will talk and stuff if you whisper instructions or whatever. So they check the dinosaur things, and then A pulls me onto the bed. Then one of the dinosaur things stops workin, so he goes to mess with it. And then they're both messin with these stupid dinosaur things. So I'm about to leave, right? Who wouldn't! Then they tell me the dinosaur things are really important, and we should go back in time so that they work properly when I get there. So we do a bit o' time travel (time travel in this dream works because the "future" us just supplanted the past "us" but in the new locations) SO, round two, A, B, C, and D. C goes out with the dog, at which point I realize that I really should have made A come to my house for sex. So I get really offended and tell D about this. D laughs at me (who wouldn't?) and then we both try to help with the dinosaur things, because they really are cool, even if no one is getting any sex.

Upon further coherence, I now realize I know the names of all the participants. But it would creep me out no end to actually use those names. Damn nice dog, tho. Great Dane, I think the pattern is called "Harlequin".

I'm going back to bed now.
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I've been goosed!
Date: February 8th, 2002 - 04:16 am
If there is cleaning involved I am either C or D :)
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