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Happy Saturday! - Are we not men?
Happy Saturday!
Well I'm in a damn good mood! And I didn't "get any" either, so you can't say it's because of sex so there :P

I dunno, but I had my regular insanity between 6-10pm last night, but then like clockwork I was OK after that. But last night I was more than OK, I was all mellow. And then I woke up all mellow. And now I'm all mellow.

Except now I have a little problem. Spongebob is on. And in the opening credits, it says this little inset song in the show is written & performed by Ween. Who are the devil. So now I have some kind of moral dilemma. I hate Ween, but I love Spongebob. It's like when your best friend fucks someone you'd like to kill.

So, maybe it said WEEM. Not Ween.

I'm all : huh?
Jammin' with : Spongebob
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