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The rest of the day - Are we not men?
The rest of the day
First, I have to mouth off about the Powerpuff Girls. The cool thing about the show is that we get to see villains in non-villain situations. In the bath, reading the paper, etc. I love that.
Anyway, back to my naughty dream. It's DBZ, it's dudes, and it's naughty. You have been warned.
(remember as I said earlier, I wasn't actually a participant in any part of this dream)
Goku and Piccolo were fighting, I guess they were training, cuz no one else was there. Then, in the middle of some serious punching and kicking, they just stopped and locked lips! Then they got it on! Goku and Piccolo, gettin it on! I have weird dreams
what, you wanted the sordid details? Have yer own naughty dreams!
Some days are better'n others!
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I've been goosed!
Date: August 27th, 2001 - 09:24 pm
  Naughty & Nice
I can't believe that you are encouraging naughty dreams!

I can't believe I am jelous of your naughty dream! I will now have to find a way to end my nice, pleasing dreams and head on to NAUGHTY ones :_*
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