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Let's discuss soda - Are we not men?
Let's discuss soda
Soda is very very bad for me. Here's why. First, they are expensive. $2-3 for a 6-pack of half-litres. I'm unemployed, remember? What the hell business do I have spending that much on sodas?
Second, they are bad for me physically. If I am drinking a soda, I'm forgetting to drink water, which is what the body craves. So then, I stay thirsty, because of course soda does not quench thirst. And so what do I do? I grab another soda! Now about the sugar, carbonation, and caffeine. These things, in moderation, are no harm. But I don't do soda in moderation. Sure, the sugar and caffeine gives me a jump-start, but when that's gone, I've already used up all my energy for the day. So then I'm tired the rest of the day. And someone is saying "just eat again!" which would be fine, except I tend to drink soda with my food! So then, I have the energy for the day that I need, PLUS these extra sugar calories that I *don't* need, because I already have enough. And you know what happens when you don't use all your sugar energy? Yup, goes RIGHT into storage! Which of course, means more work for the heart. Now, about that caffeine... and kidneys. We all know it's bad for you. When I had a kidney stone, they told me that caffeine is usually a contributor. That may or may not be true, but I know if all I drink is coffee or Mountain Dew all day, I know my kidneys hurt by the end of the day. Plus, back to the water replacement idea, every time I drink soda, I'm not drinking water and thus my kidneys are not being flushed out. Now, carbonation and acidity. Could this be the reason for my recurring heartburn? I expect that if I can actually stay off soda for a week, I will have noticeably less heartburn. That and stay away from the chili.

My point here being, I am going to try to stay off sodas for at least a week, just to see if I can do it, and to health-up a bit. I've been feeling way too under the weather to ignore this.

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