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Why am I still ill? - Are we not men?
Why am I still ill?
I'm irritated now. With this cold. I thought after you had a virus once, you couldn't get it again? So how come I still have this thing? There's only like 250 flu varieties. Unless I'm wrong, and it's 250 *known* flu varieties. Anyway, doesn't that mean that after 250 times of being sick, then I'll never get the flu again? But I think I lost track of this small fact: this ain't the flu. It's either a cold, or I'm allergic to Dallas. Which would be bad. Because I live here.

So, do I have anything else to discuss? Probably nothin. I'm not very creative today. I feel like I had a dream last night about trying to communicate with Russians, and the only word I knew was Das Vedanya. But that also may have been true, because that *is* the only word I know. But then I think I recall something about Sputnik and Cosmonauts, so you know, space. Monkeys. Espacemonkeys. No, that would be spanish. Now pretend you are a spanish espacemonkey. Now send your mom an email detailing your entire sexual history. Now go find spiders, and put them in your pants. Do you have the spiders? Are they in your pants? GOOD. Now, for the final phase. But it's a secret. So, go get the dikdik and meet me under the bleachers. And watch out for horizontal teenagers.

I'm all : shhhhh!
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