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Some things I forgot - Are we not men?
Some things I forgot
Or, some things I thought of since my last post. I should read other people's journals *first*, before I post.

Have I mentioned how great I. M. Weasel is? I'm rather hurt at myself for not realizing sooner. Also, the recent eps of Sheep in the Big City are really good.

So, I'm trying to think of things that are better than sex. But I can't remember sex, so I dunno what might be better than it. I'm thinking. I remember one really romantic Val/Scott moment, and I remember thinking that moment was better than sex. But what I'm going for here is things that have nothing to do with sex at all, no romance, no lovey-dovey shiot.
I'll tell you what it ain't, it ain't chess. Maybe it's when I've got a whole room in stitches from my antics. Because there's nothing better than having more than 2 people laughing so hard they pee their pants. Not that there's anything wrong with having 2 people laugh, but I tell ya what, the more people, the better. So maybe comedy is better than sex. Comedy by me.

OK, actually, I think if I got to go to an Aiko concert, I think that would probably be better than sex. I would probably do that lame teenage-girl scream and faint thing.

I'm all : Go back to bed!
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I saved you a seat.
Date: February 23rd, 2002 - 07:38 pm
hmm...the only thing that's better than sex for me is other romantic stuff. i can't think of anything completely nonsexual that's better than sex and sex-related interaction.
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