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Europa vs. Io - Are we not men?
Europa vs. Io
I get them confused alot. I think I'm gonna go back to school to be a planetary geologist. "Isn't all geology planetary?" Yes, but it refers to extra-terrestrial geology. If I study Uranus, I'll be studying Uranal Geologism. I don't like the word terrestrial, I think I'll start saying "Earthic". Extra-Earthic planets. Did I mention my VCR earlier? Well, it's got a mind of it's own. Sometimes when you rewind, it rewinds normally. Other times, it just shuts down completely. It used to play back sound all wibbley-like, but it quit doing that about a year or so ago. Now let me go off on my CD changer in my car. Sometimes it works great. Sometimes it decides there's only CDs in the 5, 9, and 10 slots. That is just weird. Sometimes it skips when I go over bumpy roads, sometimes it does not.
Now on to my computer at home. I call it Frankenputer. Which is really stupid, because Frankenstein was the creator, not the monster. And that reminds me of the dumb thing I was doing: I was watching a video I recorded last night (8-7-27) and I just sat there, watching the commercials. By the time I realized I could spin through them, they were over. Baaaka.

I'm all : mellow mellow
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