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Communion - Are we not men?
OK, this seems to be a very big deal between denominations. About whether communion *is* the body and blood of Christ, or whether it is *symbolic* of the body and blood of Christ.
I personally don't see how it can even matter at all! Does it *taste* like blood or flesh? No! It tastes like crackers and wine! Does it *look* like flesh and blood? No! It looks like crackers and wine!

See, the thing I don't get is how there can be any question about this. It *is not* flesh and blood. It wasn't in the bible. It was CRACKERS AND WINE. Or bread and wine. Depending what they were eating that day. I'm not trying to insult any religious beliefs here, I'm just one of those people that can't comprehend things like this. To me it's like saying "What happens if it reaches infinity?" Well, nothing happens, because it *never* reaches infinity.

I know this doesn't make sense with my wacky and bizarre nature. And I'm not one of those people who never sees symbolism. Although I'll admit that it has to be FUCKOFF symbolic for me to see it. Sometimes I'll come up with something that might seem profound, but I'll be honest here, I just made it up based on evidence. Probably empirical evidence, too.

Church folk don't like it, either, when they ask me questions and I don't have something concrete to answer. Like, "Do you believe demons exist?" "I dunno, they might, but they might not". "Is this the true blood and body of our saviour, Jesus Christ?" "It could be, but it might just be wine and crackers." See what I mean, though, it's not that I am dissing the religion, even though it probably came across that way. I just can't comprehend it, therefore it is a non-issue. A friend of mine said she saw a demon once, but I never have. But I don't really *want* to see a demon, unless it's a really hot and sexy demon and it's not trying to kill me.

Now I've thought of a good prank. I'm going to tell people that I've turned the water into wine, but that it's a secret wine that tastes like water to the dumb. Or, if I'm in a particularly playful mood, I'll say it tastes like water to those who are not true believers. Mwuahahahaha!

I didn't make any sense at all, did I.

I'm all : bad Val! naughty Val!
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Teacher said not to.
Date: February 26th, 2002 - 01:41 pm
perfect sense, val. to an agnostic brotha like myself.

oh! it only looks like water for those bound to hell. Get a couple people to play along and never explain it to the hell-bound.

Hey, if you were an extremeist, you could even use it as an excuse to murder!

Sounds like a similar (not same, just similar) boat as I, tho. I'm agnostic, cuz I dunno the answer, and my spiritual beliefs are very personal, so I don't share them. Except to tell people that I have them, they're rather personal, and I don't share them.
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