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Of Doggies and Conquistadors - Are we not men?
Of Doggies and Conquistadors
First off, I have to announce that the worst movie ever made has to be Shark Attack 2. An example of a bad screenplay. A REALLY bad screenplay. There was one part where the writer got bored and used a MONTAGE to show how the hero and heroine fall in love in one day by tooling around the city! If you want to see a fun monster movie, see "Spiders". DON'T see Shark Attack 2, unless you want to bask in the badness. I may do a full review of how incredibly bad it is. I want to hurt the writer.

But not now, because
Little doggy dogs!
Here's my plan. Get a tiny little doggie, take it with me everywhere, including to the mall, just like rich people do. And train it to crap on the floor if I get crappy service.

Just now, I walked across the room with my pants around my ankles! Then when I got to the fridge I started laughin my ass off, because, how ridiculous it was!
You know, I hope I never come across a giant baby that I have to entertain.

I'm all : eeeeeeegads!
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