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Timmy and More Euphemisms - Are we not men?
Timmy and More Euphemisms
I miss Timmy, Brian's doggie. He is my boyfriend. Timmy, not Brian. Duh. Even if he is a communist and occassionally wants a dick in his ass.

We made up more euphemisms tonight, these are a little less.... obscure shall we say? I think there are some repeated words, but it's late. Well, it *was* late. It was so late I didn't post this last night. I edited some of the spelling but not all, and I think there may be some repeated ones because, well, it was late. And I'm lazy.

licking the aardvark of love
beating the cycloptic salami
the white rosary necklace of joy
baisting the under cooked ham of satisfaction
rising the loaf from with in
smacking the harlots of doom
poking the chocolate factory of the brown noise
covering the bald spot
racking the salt juice
painting the roses white
spoiling the cheese wheel
oiling the weedwhacker
trading the tonka truck of pleasure
slapping around the mushroom step child
beefing up the defense
aliens coming in for a landing
piloting the the deep space probe
wrapping up a to-go sausage
slipping the mickey to rodger
seeding the garden o' love
retching the moring sausage
ruffling the flower of red tubing
coughing on the weiner dog
sweetening the spam
crouching lepard of dripping ooze
twisting the nether hair
humming the anthem
swindling the aardvark
joining the clan of the cave bear
making the monkey sing
making squirrels squeal
enlarging the prophet
wrinkling the mcnugget
covering the hersey bar
rekindling the fart oven
swinging cats from liver
the ken doll look alike
putting makeup on soldiers
the prince of the mid eastern regions
greasing the axle
ripping the crisom curtain
whipping the cherry pie
frothing at the other mouth
slaying the carrion crawler with the wonder rod
mixing oil and water
beating up the dwarven mound of hammering
dragging out the monkey soap
batter dipping the corn dog
caressing the pay day bar of twin mountain cracks
making toast with butter
inserting the dvd
playing pokermon
passing the baton
waxxing the javiln
causing eyes to roll backwards
curling toes
loosing ones mojo
selling coca cola in the can
making the grim face of squating misery
bending over the cat of mischeif
stealing the rhein gold
shoving the bagel oven
putting all your eggs in one basket
crouching the bar hop
making bread and butter sandwiches
drinking sulpher shakes
dialing 1-800-COLLECT
partitioning your root
ragging the dipples
melting the swiiss hole
invading poland
reaching for a new height while bent
inserting tab A into slot B
matching the ostyer and clam
making etouffee
shaking the dirt plunger
doing satan's laundry
throwing the rhino horn
hiding midgets
viewing the camel toe
weazing the juice
wrangling the ramp
boxing the submarine
crossing the black lava creator
going where no man has gone before
pulling the vocal link
pressing the urge of torment
asking for lip balm
smoking after dinner
releasing the demon miget monkies
driving down O street
gorging the cradle of love
taking a sample to the torn palice
spitting in the wind
ordering pay per view
popping the vertical spire
swallowing the pill of Zen
knealing before general Zod
stealing cable
matching the dna shake of evidence
playing bury the gopher
smiting the heathens
grabbing the O shit bar
coloring outside the lines
not running in your lane
tightening the pipes
tearing the lap orientment
having a soda with a straw
filling the pickle jar
jerking the mayor
filing the documents under "P"
playing diplomat with the mongolain beef
reaching for the soap
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