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I'm dying to make the Man Test public, but I so fear the… - Are we not men?
I'm dying to make the Man Test public, but I so fear the repurcussions of it.

But what's really on my mind is pets. I should get a pet. Too bad I'm FUCKING UNEMPLOYED. (Bitter? Me? Damn straight!)
The most cost-effective pet would be a mouse. It's small, doesn't take up much space, and you need next to nothing as far as equipment. Next would be a bird, but birds tend to cost $50 or so. Same with snakes, plus snakes require special considerations. Lizards, too. They have that whole ectothermic thing goin on. Fish are the same, too much extra stuff. Can't have a dog or cat, pet deposit is too high. I don't even know why I'm contemplating a pet, I have no money to get a pet. Oh, I know why I'm contemplating it, because of that ep of PpG that was on tonite about Bubbles bringing little animals home.
Now I'm going to contemplate this.
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