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Anal-ysis my ass. - Are we not men?
Anal-ysis my ass.
I decided to look stuff up in online dream dictionarys. As a control, I used dreams I knew the source of. None of the dream analysis stuff suggests that the dream could be caused by what you watched on TV the night before, or what you did right before going to sleep, or what your favourite thing in the world is. Doesn't even suggest that if you watch a Doomsday Asteroid/ Dinosaur movie marathon that you might possibly have a dream about a doomsday asteroid releasing the dinosaurs. I think it should tell you that first, before you get into the analysis part. Anyway, now I'm lookin up naughty dreams.
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Date: September 3rd, 2001 - 08:14 pm
  You should Write
I think you should write responses to things you disapprove of - all of it - everything you disapprove of. I SO agree on the dream idea - they never look at the first reasons for dreams but go immediately into the DEEP water resources of the mind ideas to tell you stuff that half the times never means what they say it does. Deep schmeep - you just had to much spicy pizza or too much chinese food. Then if you didn't the night before - you can go on to look up more info on your dreams.
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