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Mo' movies! - Are we not men?
Mo' movies!
Here are the other movies I watched over the night:
Bride of Chucky
Child's Play
Body Snatchers (1993 remake)
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

Man, Bride of Chucky was funny as hell! I really enjoyed that one. The first one, which was actually on a different channel, and after I'd already seen Bride of Chucky, wasn't very good. Body Snatchers, well, it was pretty good, but I thought the ending wasn't done very well. It was too much of the narration, IMO. Show, don't tell. Golden rule of writing. J & SB, well, no it wasn't as good as Clerks or Dogma. But lots of really funny lines. I downloaded an mpeg of The Rap, because it's so damn funny. I guess no one has ripped the deleted scene rap. That's a bummer, too, because it's hilarious, especially the hand motions. That reminds me, I need an mpeg of the Fingerbang song from South Park. Note that I just used the "an" article with "mpeg", because I pronounce it "empeg". Grammar!
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