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Writing! - Are we not men?
OK, Bobby came over to have me help him write up a character history, because he sorta sucks at grammar and stuff. And I'm a writer. And damn, we made up a GREAT story with a GREAT villain!! I was really proud of the story.
And that was the purpose of the evening, right? So, why did we not get started on that til about 10pm or so? Because we had to play with this online character generator, then we had to go to the mall, then we had to watch Lexx. I'm a total procrastinator! So then, we end up working on it til well after 3am. Because I had to finish it. It did turn out really great, though. But I was *so* tired towards the end that I probably cheesed on some things that could have been spectacular. I totally love the villain we came up with. Absolutely evil. Not standard generic evil, he's like, personally evil. Like, he killed like 40 other vampires and diablerized 'em (if you know what that means) just to piss off one guy. And then, at the end of the story, it looks like he's dead? But there's actually a loophole that would allow for a sequel!! Mwuahahahaha!!! I am the b-movie sequel rulah!

I'm all : I think you know.
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