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Well holy fucking shit. - Are we not men?
Well holy fucking shit.
I may have mentioned in the past about this group of people I used to run with. We used to hang at this club type place - not a seedy dive or anything, just a place to hang. When I first started hangin out there, a guy who used to hang there was murdered like the week prior to when I showed up. I met Scott there, I quit hangin out there for awhile, then I went back. The day I came back, I found out a girl that used to run with us had fallen back into the drug scene and had been murdered. I hung out with that crowd for awhile longer, then when I was pregnant I fell out of the scene again. When I went back, about a week later, my best girlfriend in the group died of congenital heart failure. Time went on and I quit hangin, then I went back, only to find that the week prior to my return, a close friend of me and Scott's had died of cancer. Time went on and I quit going there ever. One night I thought "You know, I should just pop in and see what they're up to over there." I didn't. The NEXT night after I thought about going back but didn't, Scott and my best friend from that group of people ever - who had once been our roommate and who I attribute half of my witty yet annoying sayings to - died of a stroke related to diabetes.
This club thing was right by my old university. I had to go to the uni yesterday to order transcripts for application to grad school. As I drove by the side street where the club was at, I thought "Perhaps I should just drive by, see if anyone I know is hangin around." I opted not to, because to be quite honest, after Rick died there just wasn't anyone else who captured the essence of the original group that was single and unemployed enough to be around on a Monday afternoon.
So I get a call tonight - another old friend of ours went out to the lake and shot himself.

I'll have my reactions on the specific incident later, right now I'm too freaked out by the string of incidents to have a reaction to Rob's suicide.

I'm all : creeped out
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