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Gundam Dreams - Are we not men?
Gundam Dreams

I had a weird dream. It featured some GW folk, as well as some mecha. Zakus or something - anyway, they killed people, and I was trying to rescue these people from this house that apparently was the target of the attack. The Zakus were just killing people, though, I guess they wanted the house intact. There was a large fenced area in the back yard - but not attached to the house. Like, a totally free standing separaate fenced-in area. The political struggle was about magic vs. technology. (Unfortunately, I had neither in the dream.) But you want to hear about the Gundam boys, don't you! First off, there was only 4, and one of them was Brock from Pokemon. It was Heero, Duo, Brock, and Quatre. Brock wasn't like he is on Pokemon, though, he was like, cool. So, like, I was trying to save these kids, but we all got captured. The Gundam boys, the kids, and me. They took the kids somewhere else because they were going to raise the kids to be like ... what they wanted, which is something I don't know. And of course, like every magic vs. technology scenario, there was a talisman. And I knew where it was. And the attackers *wanted* to know where it was. But I wasn't tellin! So, they took me to this room behind a two-way mirror, and inside the other room was like a torture chamber, and Heero and Duo were strung up in chains (woohoo!) on one side, and Quatre and Brock were strung up in chains (wooh...n/m) on the other side. I was tied to my chair, but there was a villain chick who was standing in front of a control panel. I thought she was going to torture them until I told, because apparently we were all buddies. But she was smarter than that, she goes "One last chance to tell me where it is," and I stuck my tongue out at her, so she flipped a switch and Heero and Brock died!! Then I got really upset and cried and stuff, cuz you know, we were buddies. Duo and Quatre got really upset, too.
Then I woke up.
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