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Another odd dream - Are we not men?
Another odd dream
Me and this guy I know were going to some kind of club, and I like owned it or something because I knew all the secrets about it. So, he's at the club, and I have to go run an errand, and when I get back, he's gotten into some kind of scrape and is injured. He's trying to shake it off but everyone knows he needs to go to the emergency room, so I take him to the hospital.
The hospital was staffed but there were no other people in the queue for emergencies, so we were in and out quickly. The weird thing about this scene is that this hospital is very familiar to me in the dream, like I worked there or something. So is the route from the club to the hospital. I'm trying to remember what the street name was but all I can think of is Meliar, and that wasn't it. Heh, with the Gundam of late it was probably Milliardo street :) Not really. But the street name started with M and had at least one L and one R in it. And just up the street from that street was this park like place, it had a hollow and at the top of this hill thing a large tree that overlooked the hollow. Yes that was in the middle of the city! So anyway, we're playing there now that we're out of the hospital. Now, at this point in the dream I decide I'm going to try to score with this guy. So I'm trying to get into flirty-type situations, but for some reason I climbed the tree instead. Then he told me this story of how he climbed that tree when he was younger and fell off into the hollow and had to go to the hospital, which was conveniently just up the street like I said before.
Then we left there and were headed somewhere, and I was about to get him into my lair when Holly woke me up.

I'd just like to state for the record that I haven't been to a club in at least 8 years, perhaps longer.
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