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New for the 90's? - Are we not men?
New for the 90's?
In the 90's we saw a great increase in the number and variety of body piercings. And that brings up this weird urge I have.

I want to pull all the shiny things. Yup, bring that eyebrow ring over here. Prince who? I'm testing the bull theory.
See, I blame the piercee for putting shiny things within my reach. And God help the man who shows any genital piercings in the bedroom. The pizza delivery guy had a weird piercing, and I wanted to pull it. I forgot what now, eyebrow or lip or something. A guy at the game store had weird piercings. I wanted to pull it.

And that brings me to Ocean's 11. Saw the original tonight, haven't seen the remake yet, but man, it has a great ending. I'm curious to know whether the remake has the same ending.
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