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Frankenstein's Monster Dressed for Clubbing - Are we not men?
Frankenstein's Monster Dressed for Clubbing
On Monday I got called by my old agency and I might have an interview Tuesday. It was also my dad's birthday, so we went out for dinner.

I'm considering getting a Very Large Purse. This is so I can carry non-sequitur things around with me. Like a beehive wig, some marbles, and a theramin. I actually don't have a theramin. But eventually I'll make one.

Now, about Frankenstein's monster. Let's call him Frankie for now. Why is he always wearing a sport jacket? Does he have a country club membership? Is he going on a date? Where did the mad doctor find a sport jacket that large in the first place? He's probably got a Player's Club card in the inside pocket.

Sometimes I think the world will end by bees. Instead of genetically altering bees for whatever reason, we should find a way to make good honey synthetically. Then we don't have to worry about genetically altered bees that kill people.

At other times I think the world won't end until the sun burns out. It hasn't ended yet, has it? And there have been doomsday asteroids, mega-tsunami, and super-volcanoes. And yet, here we sit! But not for long, I'm going to go get a soda here in a minute.
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