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Weird sleep habits - Are we not men?
Weird sleep habits
We fell asleep like 8pm last night, and so I ended up waking up about 1am. Holly woke up about 2 hours later. We slothed around til about 6:30 when we decided to go out for breakfast. Whee.

So, I'm playin Breath of Fire, the first one. I'm almost to the end, or at least I think I am. One of my characters has gotten to what is effectively a max level. We're about to fight what I expect is the real boss of the game. We've gone to every single site in the game, most of them several times, because I keep trying to find out if I missed something.
Now, I have a disadvantage in that my friends have played this game when it was out for Super Nintendo or whatever. And they've mentioned things about the game that I haven't heard anything about. Like, during my playing of this game, not once has anyone in the game mentioned this particular thing that my friends said is a big part of the game. I'm wondering if this is something they changed from the original version, or if I just totally missed something. I honestly feel like I've missed something, but I'll be damned if I can find out where to get that power.
See, I feel like I shouldn't have to look in a walkthru to finish the game, and to be quite honest, I probably *won't* have to look in the walkthru to beat the final boss. My party is pretty butch. Like, I looked in a walkthru once because I lost the instruction booklet and had forgotten how to do something.

There are things about the first one that are irritating, and thankfully those things were improved upon in the second one. But I was getting spoiled with #2, so I figured I'd better finish 1 before I finished 2. I'm gonna try and finish it now while Holly is occupied.
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Are you gonna eat that?
Date: May 12th, 2002 - 06:35 am
I played the first one on a SNES emulator and didn't really get into it (ChronoTrigger took over). Thus when I had the opportunity to buy the GBA version quite cheap I didn't. And now I realise I do want it I can't find it anywhere for a reasonable price.
IIRC the one main thing they've changed fomr the SNES/GBA versions is the save game implementation.

I hope they hurry up and bring BoF2 out over here so that people drop the price of the first game.
I've been goosed!
Date: May 12th, 2002 - 06:52 pm
They didn't drop the price of the first one here when the second came out, but the first became terribly difficult to find.
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