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More Me - Are we not men?
More Me
I actually did get a recorder. I swear, how does anyone ever play in tune on these hings! It's damn near impossible. Or maybe it's only impossible when played rather soft, such as at nearly 4am in an apartment.

I have no reason to play a recorder, except it was cheap, plastic, and green. Who could resist? Maybe if I keep playing it (oh that reminds me - the church asked for the clarinet back which is why I haven't had it since March :(
anyway, if I keep playing the recorder it will give me a reason to go to the ren fair when all my wacko friends go. But I'll probably just decline, and stay home and practice learning Spanish Flea on the recorder :) My parents have a regular recorder, and an alto recorder, and a bass recorder, which is hilarious because it's HUGE. And before you ask, eww no :P It was like a hundred dollars, though, which is why I got the regular size.

When I was younger, I remember liking the show Wacky Races. I remember really digging it. But now I'm watching it and it's not very good. Laff-a-lympics was better.

Oh, and I guess really my fave Star Wars character would be Darth Vader, til the end there where he got all pansied out again.

I guess if I suck playing the recorder, I can always say "It's not my fault - this thing is baroque!" hahahaha!!
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Stop asking about milk already.
Date: May 13th, 2002 - 08:22 pm
 are you crazy?!
i *adore* the recorder! it's so easy to play! i'd love to have an alto recorder, my mom always hides my regular one because she can't stand the high-pitched noise.
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