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Breath of Fire 2 - Are we not men?
Breath of Fire 2
Man, it got intense! Very cool storyline. It's very very religious and it gets really weird.

Real spoilers. Not the end, but spoiled as hell.
Man, everyone keeps dying! I almost cried when Mina turned herself into a bird, and I almost cried when Tiga was killed, and man I was REAL close to cryin whenever Rand's mom was killed. And I always knew Ray was an OK guy!
BUT DID THOSE STUPID PEOPLE IN GATE HAVE TO KILL THE DRAGON. Damn those idiots! Even from the beginning, though, I thought there was something weird about the church. Most of the church folk had cult-eyes.

(time passes...)

Umm... forgot to finish this entry, and now I must discuss the events of the day.
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