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It is your destiny! - Are we not men?
It is your destiny!
See, like I think I said earlier, this new movie has totally brought out the Star Wars fan in me. But this time, I'm older! How ya like my new userpic? Eh? Eh? Yahyah! Mace Windu is da man! He be pimpin da force, yo! With the light-sabre of bling bling he shall be the splankmastah!

OK, the conversation in question is the one where Anakin tells Padme about how he killed all the Tuscan raiders. One guy says he thinks that the way Padme's character was developed, that this should have been a nearly unforgiveable sin, and that there was no way she would have still wanted to be with him. He says that the way Anakin presented the tirade, it was as if he was bragging. But I say that Padme didn't think that. And I'm not sure he *was* bragging. I say that the reason he confessed this was because it illustrated his point, that nothing he did *after* the fact could bring his mother back. And of course let's not forget that love does tend towards vision-impairment. So my take on the scene is that Padme thought that he was baring his soul to her, and took it as a sign of affection. Of course we all know that to be untrue; he was just venting. If C-3PO had been in the room rather than Padme he'd have said the same things. Although I'm sure he would not have cried. The crucial point is the end of the scene. If she was going to reject him, this would have been where it happened. But she was already in love with him, and we all knew it. So while something like this from another person would have repulsed her, because it was Anakin, it did not.
My point is made :)

Now to a new SW topic. (Ok, it's hard to not type ST when I mean SW.) Jango Fett's demise. We all know that if anyone else had killed Jango, we would all be mad as hell. But we all love Windu! And now I think we all know who causes *his* demise. Just in case you don't, for some odd reason, like you're dumb as a box of hair, it will be Boba. And we, the fans, will not be satisfied with anything less. And it better be a damn good fight! I hope Boba is the thorn in the side for the Jedi's plans all throughout Ep 3, just because he's trying to assassinate Windu.

So, basically, Windu rules :)
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