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Sunday? Defeated. - Are we not men?
Sunday? Defeated.
I slept thru it. Well, the day part anyway. And the part of the night part that had my shows on :(

There are some shows that I love. Red Dwarf is one of them, Space Ghost is another. There are others, but I never quite get as obsessive on those. I've tried, but it just doesn't wr0k out.

I dunno if I have really anything to say. So I'm going to discuss the technical abbreviation "VL". You know, like VLA = Very Large Array. There are other things, too. VLSI I think is one of them, but I forget. It just sounds so non-technical. If they're gonna do that, I wish they'd just call it a BFA.

I think that whenever I am around clove-smokers, the smell of the cloves sticks in my nose and stays for quite some time. It seems like every day after I've hung out with clove smokers, I end up smelling cloves. Like tonite, I smell cloves. But I'm quite sure clove smokers have not been in my house since March.

I really don't have anything to say.
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