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For you not to touch the candy! - Are we not men?
For you not to touch the candy!
Bah. I've lost my edge. Tonight I was in a position to get extremely creative, and I couldn't do it on the spot. I am not half as creative as I once was. When was the last time I drew a new pic? When was the last time I made some wacky shit up? And I don't mean one-liners. One liners are a dime a dozen. I mean a whole concept. The Kamino thing I did the other day was almost 100% scientific. There was pretty much nothing for me to do but assess the facts and present a conclusion. Which incidentally, I have more of, including the basis of life considering the lack of sunshine.

I was trying to get creative earlier in the night, and I realized that what I was actually doing was remembering things I'd already done. That is not being creative, that is recycling. I didn't used to have this problem. I bet if we tried to do a Dwip movie now, it would be shite, because I probably couldn't come up with any good lines. No wonder I've stalled out on all the creative projects I was working on before.

I am not OK with recycling used material. Of any sort. I can't use something I saw in a movie, or something I read in a book, or something someone else told me. Of course, for the purposes of what I needed to do from tonight, I could easily ask other people for help and come up with something really good. But that wouldn't change the fact that I've lost it.

The odd thing is, I feel like several other people have lost part of their own uniqueness. Not neccessarily creativity, but other aspects of their persona which used to define them. That is disconcerting. It's as if bizarro world is sucking the lifeblood out of us. Bah, now I'm back on bizarro world. I can't even come up with a new conspiracy theory.

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Date: May 24th, 2002 - 12:11 am
What uniqueness have I lost?
(if appropriate, you know other ways of telling me. like our secret code of LJ-ninja dictates)
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