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It must be said! - Are we not men?
It must be said!

Now I'm going to discuss the Ginyu force. Or at least Captain Ginyu. He had the pose, and the fu to back it up. And even after he seemed defeated, he still came back to hassle the heros again. As far as what motivated Ginyu, well, I'm not quite sure. I'm not sure if after he became the frog, if he was still on a mission from Freeza, or if he was in it for himself at that point. We know he liked to look good. We know he liked to intimidate his opponents. We know he was a bit of a bastard. But what else do we know? I don't know. I should watch all the Ginyu eps again. Because quite frankly I've forgotten many of them. Ginyu is cool.

Now a little aside about the heroes. Goku. Goku is a terrible father and lousy husband. He refused to be wished back to Earth because he was playing on some random planet. Yeah he learned some stuff, but that doesn't make him irresponsible for leaving his family in the lurch like that.
Future Trunks. Talk about angst. And hero-worship. Damn. I mean, he's like 18 or so when he comes to "the present", right? You'd think by then he'd realize who was worth hero worshipping. Vegeta is a total dumbass during all of Trunks' episodes.

Back to the villains. Androids. Ignoring 19 and 20, 16, 17, and 18. Their quest is to destroy Goku. In Trunks' future, they could not achieve this goal because Goku was dead when they were created. But suppose they *had* gotten to destroy him? Would they have still gone on the homicidal rampage they went on in Trunks' future? I'm guessing no. My theory is that the reason they went psycho killer is that they never could achieve the goal they were created for. So, if they'd killed Goku, they'd probably have just been your average punk kids. Except 16. He would have opened a bird sanctuary outside of Nikki Town.

Now for the Ultimate Villain. Cell. Yes, I know I lust Raditz, but did you know I also lust Cell? :D Cell is really the perfect villain. He said so himself! Perfection! So much perfection, in fact, that he had a trait that most villains are greatly lacking in - patience. His motivation? He was bored! Is there any more dangerous enemy than one who doesn't give a shit? Of course not, that's why the heroes usually win against insurmountable odds. See, there's a point at which the hero no longer cares what happens to himself. At that point, the hero becomes at least 10 times stronger. It's not just true for DBZ either. I think it's probably true in real life. Think about it, how cool you became once you quit carin' how cool you were. But I digress. Cell didn't really care, because he was bored. That's why he had everyone beat. He had absolutely nothing to lose. And that's why Gohan eventually went SSJ 2, because he cared more about his friends' safety than his own. And of course, the reason Cell was defeated was because all of the heros decided that it was more important to help Gohan than to save their own skins. The scheming bastards! Cell was brilliant! And he knew it, and that's the best part. He wasn't frontin', like Vegeta was wont to do. He could back up everything he said. And he was so impersonal. The best Cell line in the whole series is after 16 gives a heartwarming speech to Gohan about how there are some things worth fighting for. Cell goes "Eugh." And he's right, it's a sappy speech designed to evoke emotions. Then, after expressing his disgust, Cell stomps 16's head! Just a head! He didn't even have a body, and yet Cell was so offended by the saccharin, he stomped him down!

Damn, it's nearly 3. I'd better slizzeep now.

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