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Gestalt - Are we not men?
I really need to take a shower and start getting ready to go, but I decided to look up 2 Stupid Dogs on IMDB, just to see what other names I recognized aside from Rob Renzetti, Buzz Potamkin, and Craig McCracken. And sure enough, most of the production staff has other things to their credit. But nothing as great as 2 Stupid Dogs! I'm a bit offended that IMDB compared this show to Ren & Stimpy, because it's just not very similar at all, IMO.

I think one of the elements of the show that made it a complete pleasure to watch was the cuteness of the dogs themselves. It seems like most attempts at capturing the humour style of this show have failed because of a lack of cuteness. They are simply drawn, which coincides with their simple nature. That makes them appealing. Another thing that makes the show more watchable than other shows is that the dogs would achieve their goal on occasion. We all know I love Ed, Edd, & Eddy, but they never actually achieve their goal of acquiring jawbreakers. Sometimes that makes it frustrating. The dogs, however, get the cheesecake in some episodes, and are denied in others. Sometimes they get all the food they want, and sometimes they don't. And they exemplify the theorem I discussed the other day: for a character to be truly Funny, that character must have a Quirk.

I really love the kind of random "stupid" that the dogs exhibit. Ed from the aforementioned Ed, Edd, & Eddy also has this kind of "dumb". It's like, fun dumb.

The point was, the show was great, and the people involved have never had quite so successful (IMO) a project since then. Partly the fault of the new 10 -minute format for cartoon shorts, I think.
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