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Threshhold of the Damned - Are we not men?
Threshhold of the Damned
I went and interviewed with a recruiter today. He had called last night right after 5, and he seemed rather disorganized and slightly unprofessional over the phone. He seemed reluctant to give me any information, to the point that I had to ask several times exactly what location he was asking me to come to today for the interview. He gave me an address, as opposed to saying "North Dallas" or "Near Josey and Beltline". I had to look it up on the internet, and even then it was hard to find. He seemed reluctant to give me information over the phone, as if he didn't know it off the top of his head.

That is all background for the eerie events that followed.

I showed up at the building about 15 minutes late, because the intersection of Belt Line and Josey is still under construction (after four years). I walk in, mutter about being late after noticing the clock on the wall, and a voice from the other room says "Valla?"
The lobby area seemed deserted, there was a monitor on the front desk, but it was as if it was put there for the sole purpose of making the desk look like it might have been occupied earlier in the day.
My contact, Shawn, came out to greet me. Tall and gaunt, he gave off the impression of someone who... was no longer a member of this physical plane.
His manner was deliberate and stoic. I apologized for my lateness and attempted to evoke some empathy about the intersection that has been under construction for 4 years. I said "I didn't know Belt Line was still under construction!" and he just smiled. After a short awkward pause, he asked "Do you drive over here very often?" This was odd to me, as it would seem obvious by my exclamation that I had not, in fact, been to that area of the city in some time.
Now, as much as it was perfectly valid, I did in fact have many excuses for my issues today - my car is in the shop so I had to bum a ride, my nice shoes were in my car so I had to wear sneakers, and the construction delayed me by 15 minutes (I am not exaggerating about the construction). Normally, this level of excuses would be unacceptable. He did not seem phased in the least. He asked me if I could meet the schedule requirements of the position, and seemed desperate for me to commit to being able to start Thursday.
I must backtrack for a moment and mention how insistent he was that I meet him today, which is why I had to show up in sneakers as my car is still in the shop.

After about 30 minutes, I suddenly developed a cough. The type one gets from dust. He offered a glass of water, which I gladly accepted. He made a point of getting himself a glass, and the way in which he did it made it look like he was trying to act natural. Trying.
As I was leaving, I saw a couple of other people from the office. They also had a strange disassociative quality about them.

I left the place wondering if I had crossed a threshhold to the unknown; a threshhold to the otherworldly; a threshhold of the damned!

OK, all the events thus far discussed are actual events. I'm thinking of taking that a step further and turning it into a short story.

The truth is, the whole circumstance of the interview was very odd, and I did get a feeling that I wasn't dealing with regular, mortal human beings. I haven't decided whether it's aliens or ghosts yet, though.
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Teacher said not to.
Date: June 26th, 2002 - 08:03 am
So... he was wearing ladies underwear and had dead bodies hidden in the cupboards?

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