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Puppy treat? - Are we not men?
Puppy treat?
I have more thoughts on the game we played last night. For all the shortcomings, it was really a great game. I might also talk about Pokemon, because I'm back to playing Gold which I'd forgotten I'd never finished.

I was just thinking about what a great job of roleplaying we all did last night. My sister played a dimwitted cheerleader who is now outshined in the brain department by the family dog (me), Jayne played the strong silent type who was dating a thug, who was played by Kasey. Michelle played a shy social outcast who was friends with the cheerleader and still has the respect of the dog, and Damon played an autocratic know-it-all.

That's the basic background. The cool thing is, Jayne is playing a tribe that is supposed to hate her boyfriend, but here he is, also a werewolf, in the situation with her. So she's got a bit of internal conflict going on. My sister's character was relatively innocuous, until she started seeing cats that weren't there. Michelle's character hung in the background, until such time when action needed to be taken. Her character name is Shadow, which was so damn appropriate. Damon's character had some bad things happen to him, and kept chatting with people we couldn't see.

Whoops, forgot to post this. I'll do that now.
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