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Some slightly new perhaps show type thing - Are we not men?
Some slightly new perhaps show type thing
I don't know if it was a stealth preview or not, and I have no idea what the purpose is, adult swim or not, but I just watched something called The Finkel Files. The artwork looked similar to Home Movies post-squigglevision, but otherwise I thought it was much better. I think it was meant for adult swim because there was quite a little scene about foreskin. Gotta love stealth previews!

It starred a young lad named Josh, who is going to Rabbi school, but he wants to be a musician. I don't know if the show itself is really funny, aside from the old rabbi guy, or if it's just highly amusing because that could have been Josh at age 13 or whatever :) Also, the whole bit about circumcision was hilarious.

Josh, if you can watch it next time it's on, let me know if you think it's funny. Old rabbis with lots of ailments crack me up. (Would you believe I was about to type Old Jewish rabbis. Like there are gentile rabbis.)
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This place is filthy.
Date: July 18th, 2002 - 01:11 pm
Val, I really try to follow what you're talking about in your journals, but this one has me completely lost. I recognize that you are writing English sentences, but when I try to understand their meaning, I get lost.

I shall keep trying, though. I must not be frightened by things I don't understand. :)
I saved you a seat.
Date: July 18th, 2002 - 01:17 pm
Adult Swim is a block of cartoons on Cartoon Network that is geared towards adults, and sometimes carries the TV-14 or TV-MA rating. This may not be available in Canada. Cartoon Network occassionally shows "stealth previews", where they air a show at a bizarre hour of the morning when kids probably won't be awake anyway.

Josh is a guy I know, his LJ name is LobotomyMonkey.
I saved you a seat.
Date: July 18th, 2002 - 06:48 pm
Stop asking about milk already.
Date: July 18th, 2002 - 08:50 pm
I knew there had to be an easy explanation. I think there's a Canadian equivalent of the Cartoon Network, but I don't ever watch it. Too far up on the digital cable channels to be easily remembered. :)

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