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Movies - Are we not men?
For those of you in the US, Hollywood Video has a much bigger selection of videos than Blockbuster does, including classic b-movies. I went there yesterday after realizing I'd seen every horror/sci-fi movie at Blockbuster that looked remotely interesting, save some sequels. What's up with sequels anyway? It seems like there's a sequel for every decent movie that comes out. I say, if you need that many movies, just make a tv series of it. Like, Spy Kids should just be a tv series. So should Austin Powers, IMO. But God forbid big name actors appear on television. I think Goldmember will be a dreadful dissappointment, whereas, if it was but one episode on a sitcom, it would probably be funny. Or even several episodes of a sitcom. I'd watch an Austin Powers sitcom, but the odds of me seeing that movie at full price are astronomical. I wish there'd been a sitcom of Ace Ventura, Pet Detective. The sequel pretty much ruined it for further movies, plus Jim Carrey has gotten a bit hoity-toity. I'm glad Dana Carvey is coming out with a wacky comedy. Comedians should do comedy. Tom Hanks was never a comedian, just an actor. I haven't liked any of Robin Williams' non-funny movies, and I haven't really liked a lot of his comedies. I know it's an unpopular opinion, but I just didn't think Mrs. Doubtfire was that great. Course, I really don't like movies which the tagline could have been "It'll make you laugh out loud while pulling on your heartstrings." Lame.

Now I want honey nut Cheerios.
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