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Not Much Longer - Are we not men?
Not Much Longer
I'm having some kind of regression. I decided to acquire a bunch of 80s songs that I liked back in the day. Easy, you say? Not so! I didn't become eccentric in my old age, oh no. I've always been eccentric, and thus have had a little trouble finding some of the songs I remember and loved from the 80s. "Try me." you say.

OK. From (my opinion) most obscure to least obscure.

Vitamin L by B E Taylor
And I Don't Love You by Smokey Robinson
The Fanatic by Felony
Whirly Girl by OXO
Oblivious by Aztec Camera
Love Ressurection by Alison Moyet
Absolute by Scritti Politti
Cathedral Song by Tanita Tikaram
Dr. Beat by Miami Sound Machine
Dead Giveaway by Shalamar
Going down to Liverpool by the Bangles
Leave it by Yes
Heaven and Absolutely by the Eurogliders

I know some of those don't sound particularly obscure, but they are in fact the Songs No One Remembers. Vitamin L is not available commercially anymore, the Smokey Robinson song is only available as of late last year on a French compilation series of 70s and 80s funk tunes. The Fanatic seems to be widely available, yet absolutely no one I've ever asked has ever remembered it. Usually when I mention "the song no one remembers by the Bangles," people say "No, I remember 'When the hero takes a fall'." Aha, point proven! I don't know why more people don't remember Leave It by Yes, because that song was great and everyone knew it. Shalamar is the band that sang "Dancing in the Sheets". Tanita Tikaram is the artist who sang "Twist in my Sobriety". No one remembers Alison Moyet.
You'd think a big name artist like Smokey Robinson would have all his albums available, for those collector types. But I read up on it, and apparently the mid 80s were the low point of his life. The album he came out with just after Essar (the one that song was on), he was apparently so coked up he couldn't hardly leave the house.

There are other songs I picked up that are less obscure, One on One by Hall & Oates, Take it Away by Paul McCartney (I dunno what year that came out actually), All This Love, I Like It, and Who's Johnny by El Debarge, Deja Vu by Dionne Warwick... I got some groovy tunes :)

The point is that all these songs remind me of being quite young, I'd say about 12. Most of the songs I have been listening to remind me of 1982.

One wierd thing about the 80s was the proliference of the name Jesse in songs. Who was this ubiquitous Jesse? Maybe I'll research and come up with a list of Famous 80s Artists Who Never Sang About Jesse. See, from an objective viewpoint, I'm getting more eccentric.

You know what song really really rocks? Boogie on Reggae Woman by Stevie Wonder. Man, that is like the ultimate laid-back song. Go listen to it if you've forgotten it or are very very young and missed it. And watch out for robots, they might do experiments on your brain.

OK, I almost forgot, I need your help on something. There was a song, I thought it was by The Babys, but I can't fiigure it out, and here are some of the words:
I look around, [something else here]
I was born in the winter I go by a warm heart
[and here are more lyrics]
But I love you best, you're not like the rest, you're there when I need you you're there, I'm gonna need you

I have no idea what that song is. Can anyone help? Early 80s iirc.

Jammin' with : Tom Petty - Don't Come Around Here No More
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Teacher said not to.
Date: July 31st, 2002 - 11:25 am
http://users.cis.net/sammy/lady.htm will answer your question.
I'm also regressing I think... and it's a hella good thing in my case. I think.
I'm a babe magnet.
Date: July 31st, 2002 - 01:23 pm
why couldn't you just have said "that's Lady, by Little River Band"? Did you know that site has an annoying midi playing?
Are you gonna eat that?
Date: August 2nd, 2002 - 08:04 pm
Because that'd give the impression that I actually knew the damn song.
And no, I didn't. My sound was probably off or I had my headphones on.
Geez. No gratitude, this one. Bah.
Stop asking about milk already.
Date: August 3rd, 2002 - 11:47 am
sorry, midi pisses me off. THanks for finding out what song it was.
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