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Ed - Are we not men?
As you can see, I've changed my default pic to be Ed. Later I might find a screengrab, but for now you get the same pic for LJ and AIM.

That's beside the point. There's an episode in which Ed has a turtle tied to his head. For no reason. Double-D asks him "Did you know you have a turtle on your head?" and he replies "Yes I do." That's cool. I'm jealous, and I want a turtle for my head. I don't want a boat on my back, though.

I've been reading Ed, Edd & Eddy fanfic. YOU'D THINK SUCH DEVOTED DOUBLE-D FANS WOULD EXHIBIT BETTER GRAMMAR. Most of the stories were, shall we say, weird. One involves the Eds at school, which has never happened in the show. Another is actually a horror flick that just happens to involve the cul-de-sac, and the only ones worth reading had such incredibly poor grammar that I actually did not know what the author was trying to say. I suppose I shouldn't expect much from 15 year old girls. There was only one mary-sue, so that's good. It just bothers me when fanfic writers completely deviate from the "formula" of the show. There are never extra characters, the kids are never in school, and it's a comedy. That's all I'm asking from a fanfic, plus grammatically correct enough to be legible. Why do they do it? Why write about Ed, Edd & Eddy if you want to write a gothic horror/sci-fi? Why write about Star Trek if you want to write a slapstick comedy? I just don't get it. And don't get me started about the mary-sue phenomenon. I know it's fun to pretend you're in your favourite show, but that doesn't make it fun for others to read. The characters all have to be interesting, otherwise the story is boring. I could totally go off on this, but I'm exhausted and must go to bed.
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