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Mmmm.... Pokemon.... - Are we not men?
Mmmm.... Pokemon....
I fell asleep very early last night, then I woke up this morning about 2am, and started playing Pokemon Crystal, and played until about 6am, which is when it was time for me to take a shower. So I could come here, to work. Pokemon Crystal is way better than Gold/Silver. And not just because it lets your character be a girl. I think Kurt can make more than one Pokeball at a time. And the Professor's Aide comes to Violet town to give you the egg. I don't remember if he does that in G/S, but I remember trekking back and forth to Elm's place a lot. This time I named my character "Makaioh" and my rival "Android". And I took the grass starter, Chikorita. Chikorita is lame, but useful if you don't have much else. Cyndaquil is lame, too. I'm a little freaked that there's no Mareep in Crystal. You'd think playing for 4 hours I'd have gotten a little further, but I'm being very methodical about it all, so I've only got 2 badges thus far. So I haven't even gotten the opportunity to use the link cable or the mystery gift yet.

OK, I was reading one of my Friends' friend's journal? And I have *no* idea what she said. It was like it was another language. She must be younger than me.

Some actual interesting stuff did happen yesterday. They (TPTB) made everyone in the factory go into the breakroom because the National Weather Service issued a tornado warning for our county, and supposedly it was just up the street. (Up the street I have just figured out means "less than 10 minutes to get there", as opposed to any actual implication of distance.) Today the word 'round the coffeemaker is that it was more like 20 miles away. Ahh well, I got home safely, and I got my 2nd gameboy.

After much discussion, the phrase "up the street" is to be further clarified. Because I like to say these things. If "up the street" refers to an *animate* object, it means the time it takes for that thing to get to a location (usually where I am.) If "up the street" refers to an *inanimate* object, it means the time it takes me to get there. Ain't it all nice & confusin :) Now that I have my own personal grammar figured out, I forgot what else I was going to say.

Umm.... Zorak can use the other gameboy.
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Date: September 6th, 2001 - 09:20 am
Zorak's got six legs. He can use both!
Date: September 10th, 2001 - 11:55 am
  What if..
What if you are in one place and the inanimate object is in another place and there is something between you - is the thing between you just up the street from you? Is it up the street from the inanimate object? What if it's an animate object? Will that make a difference?
2 droids -- Spew an android