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Dilberito - Are we not men?
We got to go to the water park after all, my sister loaned me money :) It was fun, especially the wave pool. I want to go back, with no kids, so I can do what I want instead of what kids want :) I wish that water park was closer to my house, so I could get season tickets. Maybe they'll build one in McKinney. The only bad thing is that I didn't bring water shoes, so my feet have blisters from the rough bottom of the pools. Chasing little kids through a water park is tiring work! But they had fun. They earned $10 apiece from Holly's stepmom for swimming under water without holding their nose.

In other news, I'm overextended when it comes to gaming. I've inadvertently gotten involved in 4 games, and I really don't have the time to game that much. This means some things have to be dropped. Probably 3 things, because gaming all weekend is eating up 100% of my weekend Val time. I know for sure I'm willing to give up Ravenloft and Shadowrun, mainly because I'm not keen on the GMs styles. But the other two are run by the same guy, and he's a good GM. But they both have some players that I'd just as soon not play with. So it comes down to, would I rather play a tabletop game or in a larp.

... time passes...

OK, I started writing this on Friday, and forgot to finish it, and now it's Sunday and I've just returned from Ravenloft, which was amazingly fun today. We all decided we had not laughed so much in a game ever. We ordered chinese (it's a ritual to order food) and I could hardly eat it because I kept laughing. One guy wasn't there, and I got to play his character. That was way cool, because I've always been jealous that he thought of that character because it's a great character. I had fun playing it, and they had fun with me playing it. He got to moon :) I'm gonna miss playing that guy next game. I even admitted I played that character better than my own. But the best thing about that game? No 19 year olds! Still not enough action, but I've determined that is a result of the players, and as soon as I can I play into action so that things happen.
Saturday night, at the LARP, the game was, well, interesting. As the STs were making the end-game announcements, people started talking over them. I yelled at them to stop and let the STs finish. They found a new topic (hanging out after game) to discuss while we were all just stuck there waiting for the STs to say their peace so we could go home, or to Dennys, or wherever they wanted to go. I was desperately tired and voraciously hungry. It was very important to me to get home and get food. But they kept chatting, in response to my telling them to listen to the STs. So I said "Fuck you guys." and walked out.
This has nothing to do with how the game is run, just with how the 19 year olds act. The funny thing is, if they were to read this part of my LJ, they'd all think it was about other 19 year olds and not them. Hahahaha! Anyway, the point is, I'm not sure I can handle the prolific number of 19 year olds in the game. I'll have to talk to the GM of that game and see what he says to convince me to stay in the game.
The other two games, Shadowrun and Werewolf, I'm not sure about. I really like the Werewolf game because the GM is just really awesome. But the game is half 19 year olds and half people over 30. Shadowrun has only me and the GM who are not 19. It's the same 19 year olds, too. I think I need a friends-only to discuss that.
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Date: August 12th, 2002 - 11:31 am
 I feel your gaming pain.
I get frustrated when gaming gets halted cuz of BSing as well. Justin used to do that, and, well, Justin doesn't game with us anymore.

I have two gaming groups I'm in - John's (in which I'm essentally a core member) and Sasha's (in which I'm new to the group, relatively speaking). In John's group, I have no problem saying "game on". With Sasha's group, sometimes I want to say it, but don't feel I got the pull to do so. Normally I'm down with BSing, because these guys are also in my peer group, unlike your sitrep, but last time I happened to be on borrowed time cuz Sam was in town and she wanted me to leave early, so I wanted to get my gaming on.
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Date: August 12th, 2002 - 07:43 pm
 Re: I feel your gaming pain.
Well, I was just asked to be a GM in the larp, so I'll probably stay with it :)
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