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Try the full monkey approach! - Are we not men?
Try the full monkey approach!
Hah! Foolish mortals! As if I would share my plans for world domination with you.

But I will share my plans for going to grad school with you.
As you may know, I'm trying to get into the geology field. I have absolutely no background in geology, except what I've read/watched in my own time. But I think I know enough. What you may not know is that they are taking their sweet time processing my application for admission. Here is my plan of action:
I'm going to register anyway. Hey, if they ask questions, the worst that could happen is they deny my registration. And if they don't, hey, free school! Next, I am not going to register for the intro classes. I'm going to register for what would be considered my "deficiencies" in geology, but not the first "Physical Geology" course. I have a textbook, I'll just try to fake it.
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