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Stuff - Are we not men?
Holy fucking shit, did I just see an ad for "Baby Looney Tunes" on Cartoon Network?! I am filled with fear and loathing....

I was up late doing homework, and it got too risky to try and sleep, so I decided I'd play videogames to stay awake. If I could think of a good answer on my homework, I'd have gone to bed. But that's beside the point.

Lately I've been playing a lot of videogames, and I always end up siding with the "villain". I'm going to post some major spoilers for the Myst series, The Longest Journey, and Beyond Atlantis 2.

OK, so, in Beyond Atlantis 2 I didn't side with the villain. Because he was just a big mean guy. That game didn't last very long. Neither did Myst 3. I played Riven and The Longest Journey forever. Now for the spoilers.

OK, remember the end of Riven? That would be the sequel to Myst, for those keeping score. At the end, Atrus (that guy that you've been helping) just dumps you into the star fissure! Thanks a lot, buddy! And the villain, he was villainous, sure. But you would be too if you were trapped on some primitive island for 30 years! So why trap him in a book? So anyway, after Atrus drops you into the star fissure, you're going to show up at his house and go chasing some wildman just to help him out? I sure wouldn't. I love Brad Dourif, though. Good job casting him. That game didn't last very long, though, I got it the other day and I'm already finished with it.
The game that really got me, as far as siding with the villains, was The Longest Journey. I'm not sure I sided with the villain himself, because he was a dragon-guy attempting to take over the world. But the standpoint of the Vanguard, that the two worlds shouldn't be separated, that was a good point. I wish they'd come out with a sequel to that game. The whole Guardian structure reminded me of Magic Knight Rayearth, and the Pillar system. I thought April was going to change that system. It was very difficult to play sometimes, because I wasn't sure what I was supposed to do based on my personal impression of the politics. There was a point at which I thought perhaps there was a plot twist where it turns out we're working for the wrong side. The end was cool, except there was no follow up on some of the loose ends.
I should make a game that works like I work. Then I won't get confused as to who's the good guy and who's the bad guy all the time.

I'm no closer to finishing that paper than I was 30 minutes ago. But by god I've finished all the games in the house!

I'm all : curmudgeon
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