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Put ON! - Are we not men?
Put ON!
I had this dream, just now, and in that dream, this is what transpired.
There was an Australian talk show host, and I think it was Olivia Newton-John, and she was going to interview someone, but it was like audience appreciation day, so the audience got to decide who. On the wall beside her were 5 or 6 hexagonal frames, and in each of the frames was a photo from the shows that the guests might be from. I do not remember any of the shows except Put On. Put On was a poker game, on tv. Martin Short and Michael McKeon played these old guys who ran a poker game, and whenever they were asked what their next move was, they would say "Put ON!" and toss a nickel or a quarter onto the table. The nickel or quarter tossed by either of them would invariably roll right around the edge of the table, spiralling inward until it landed in the pot. That was the gimmick of the show, that these old guys could always make a coin take a wildly spiral path to get to the pot.
So, naturally, the audience member who gets to choose which interview to see chooses the Put On show. And it turned out it wasn't a live interview, it was taped previously in the stars' homes. So, Olivia Newton-John was in these guys' home. They were brothers, and they still lived with their mother. The show was filmed in the basement where they had their poker games. Their mother was talking about their amazing ability to throw coins, took the camera crew into the boys' bedrooms, said "Watch this," and turned on the alarm to wake them up. They sat up, announced "Put ON!" and tossed a coin onto the bedside table (it was in the middle of their beds). The coins spiralled around each other until they landed in the perfect postion to turn off the alarm.

Umm.... the end. (Everything from that sequence which was not owned by another party as of the time of this post is copyright 2002 me.)
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Are you gonna eat that?
Date: September 9th, 2002 - 09:51 am
That makes me wonder if you can copyright a specific acid trip.
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