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Weird Dream 8-9-27 - Are we not men?
Weird Dream 8-9-27
OK, after I watched my show last night, I had a weird dream.

I was in this museum lobby type room, and I was playing with something I shouldn't be, I think it was someone's palm pilot or something. Where I was standing to play with this was in a kind of booth -type area. I looked up, and there was the biggest, hairiest SPIDER I had ever seen. And I'm not talkin tarantula big. I'm talkin 3-foot legspan. So I notice this, so I'm moving away, and this other girl comes up to play with it, seeing as how I've moved, and I could see this huge SPIDER about to jump on her. So I try to tell her there's a spider up there, but I was caught in that "dream-sequence mushmouth" web. So all I can do is point up, and she finally notices, and I'm looking at this hideous SPIDER, and I notice... it has a dog face. Yup, cold wet nose, drooly, puppydog eyes, whiskers... dog face. So she moves out of the way and this SPIDER comes down to the ground. I'm like "Watch out! Giant spider!" and one of the museum guys comes over, and he's like "Oh, that's Scooby." And the other girl is like "Oh hi, Scooby!" and she goes and PETS it. So I'm still a little concerned, so I ask why it's got a dog face. (No need to ask why it's called Scooby). They tell me that it's a friendly dogspider, and I should pet it. It looks like it's about to jump on me, so I'm a little nervous, and they're all like "It'll be OK." And then, this SPIDER jumps on me, knocking me to the ground. And it starts licking my face, so I close my eyes. At first I'm thinking "Aww, innit that cute." then I'm thinking "BUT IT'S WRONG!!! It's gonna wrap me up in it's web and have me for dinner!" Then I open my eyes, and sure enough, it's just a dogspider, licking my face. So I pet it.
Then I go to get my kid ready for school, she was in the pool. I don't know what sort of school she's going to that she could be in the pool beforehand, but I have to get her out and get her dressed for school. So while I'm trying to get her ready, and thinking I've lost the key to the closet, then remembering there is no lock on the closet, she tells me she has a loose tooth. I'm like "Yeah? Cool." and she says "Yeah, see?" and she reaches into her mouth and pulls out a molar! I tell her I dont think it's supposed to do that, and she agrees, and puts it BACK. The end.

That was a weird one, huh! I understand that dreaming of your own teeth falling out is a common dream, although I don't recall the interpretation. But dreaming of removable teeth on other people? I just don't know. I like the dogspider idea. I may use that in something.

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